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He went from zero to millionaire in only two and a half years by combining a unique brand of “street-smarts” with heart and he always have an extremely high-energy, cut-to-the-chase style keeps his audiences spellbound. If he can do this, you can do this!

For instance  your profession is a trainer, speaker, network marketer or even street sales person, you do need to have high energy all day long to present and eventually to sale. Thus, one of my important elements when coaching in my workshop on” Conducive  Image to Sale” is to stress on maintaining high tons of energy throughout your presentation.

Tips for Energizing up your IMAGE


1. Cardio Exercise

Besides flexibility exercise like Yoga, cardio exercise is a must. Running in the evening twice a week and get my self swimming freely in the pool once a week has been turned up like a routine to me. Well, if you find yourself struggling with time, then try to at least do some walking on the staircase whenever you can or walk your dog at night! Cardio is highly important if you want to keep your heart health and have a pinkish look cheek!


2. Fun activities

Some people might just tell me they hate exercise and gym as they are boring. Well, then you must well  add a bit of spices in your exercise to make it fun and energetic! For example I would recommend dancing, just keep yourself with the upbeat rhythm and bounced your body. It’s simple and it’s a kind of meditation that I practiced too!! Yes, this is the way that we wake up our energy in the seminar and you will be surprise to find that all my audiences love dancing on the stage with me. This is the way to keep you alive and make you at least 5 years younger, trust me!


3. Meditation

Do you know that a lot of great leaders and trainers in the world meditate? T. Harv Eker, Brian Tracy and Anthony Robin all do their daily meditation and so do me. There are lots of meditation centre available in town for example Be Centre who is focus on Osho meditation which I found practical and helpful. For example, Dynamic Meditation from Osho that you need to shake your body to awake all your body cells and it certainly a great energy-booster. (

4.Energy booster juice & Vegetarian Diet

A glass of fresh juice in the morning is certain an energy booster.  You can try your own juice recipe but my favourite is celery, lime, orange and carrot. This is a good start for the day. Then after a tired training day, I wouldn’t be able to survive without a good selection of Vegetarian Organic foods. The reason if you are taking normal food, your body has to work hard to purify the chemicals every time you eat, you'll feel fatigued and toxic. I would recommend you have a VEGETARIAN day in a week to detox, it will definitely slim you down if you can prolong to a month or two. I am trying a vegetable supplement which is purely to strengthen muscle and bone since I have been suffering from my back pain since 2 years ago. This cer


5. Wear your Energy Colour

A lot of people in the seminar asked me how to find their best energy or I called their Personal Fengsui Enhancing Colour.  This is crucial if you are always out there to approach people and you do want a friendly, approachable yet professional high class international standard look, isn’t it? If you are wearing the right essence colour, your face will be lightened up and look a lot more vibrant and intelligent. A lot of people tend to stay in black or grey to stay basic, are you afraid of colour or want to look authoritative or simple don’t know what colour to put on?

We will even share with you your birth energy colour according to your birth chart, this is very powerful as it reflects your spirit and the combination of your physical energy colour will give you your best FENGSUI colour!!

 Do email us to find out more about BRAND NEW YOU workshop, we will guide you through a series of colou for your physical, spirit and emotions! This will not just be colour for your dress but it apply to your home and lifestyle!! Call  us at 014-3607370 or email us at  evelyn@emagestyle.comHYPERLINK "" to find out more!

“Everything is about energy,”  that’s what one of my coaches, T. Harv Eker, the world class No. 1 trainer ( who also coached super trainers like Brian Tracy and Hollywood star like Keanu Reeves.

How to Energise Your Look?