Personal Branding Coaching Testimonials

Alan Voon, Warrant Consultant & Speaker
“As a financial consultant, I conduct a lot of public seminars. Evelyn’s coaching works magic and I instantly transformed, being more confident and powerful. The most important is to create my own charm for people listen and trust me.”

Su Ying, entrepreneur & success coach
“Evelyn’s workshop is a must for any entrepreneur who wants to create an impressive image of confidence to take their business to the next level. Her tips & methods are practical yet extremely effective. Plus I ‘m so happy that she got me on the cover page of a magazine for free publicity”

Fredrick Wong , Allianz Agency Manager
“Instantly after Evelyn’s personal coaching, I experienced immediate changes and receive lots of compliments from people range from 10 up to 60 years old! The most important is I am able to achieve my objective which is recruit young agents

Datin Rohayu Idrus, Amway distributor
“Thank you for your coaching & sharing. Your guidance has helped emerged the creativity I have had buried in me a long time. I m love the positive attitude I have now in dressing up, it’sfun creative and importantly save a lot of my time. Thank you once again”

Yap Swee Sim, Yes Organic owner, Network Marketer
“The personal image branding help me to build up my confidence which I never thought of. Throughout the past 14 years as a housewife, I have never known how to style up myself. After Evelyn’s consultation, I managed to build my network business and achieved excellent results”

Dickson Lai, Sales Director Syabase
“She unearthed my inner values and develop the “Benz” image that reflects classic, flexible, elegant & stable with the right use of colours and others..A personal mentor I recommend, you will be shocked to see the result.”

Henry Goy, CEO
“After Evelyn’s coaching, my image change and it brings me ultimate confidence. I expand my business from one shop to 3 and 30 staffs to 60. I have to thank Evelyn for that”

Judi Grey, Australia
"I have better sense of how I want to look, more adventurous, have a higher standard. I hated shopping before but start to enjoy it"

Carol Yip, Author of “Smart Money-User” & “Money Rules”
“It’s just simply amazing. My cover shot helped to sell my book excellently! ”

Elke Wollschon, Relationship Trainer, Organic Entrepreneur
“ I learned how to accessorize betters and be more creative in combining. Thank You Evelyn”

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