Corporate Modules

Module 7: Groom Your Brand & Front Liners (Hotel/Retail) (1 or 2 days)

This module focuses on building up the personal image of your front liners whether you are in the hotel, F&B, fashion, beauty or any retail industry. Your people are your asset, we will help your staff to build the right attitude & groom your staffs according to your corporate image.

Topic 1: Brand Your Image & Attitude
  • Power of a Positive Mental Attitude
  • Build the right personal image to represent your corporate branding
  • 5 Essential ‘C’ to create a holistic personal branding (Clarity, Character, Credibility, Charisma, Contribution)
  • Action steps on ways of developing Confidence
Topic 2: Groom Your Visual Impact
  • Learn the easy steps to groom your image
  • Know the colour to wear your make up
  • Identify the right hair style for your face feature
  • Know the right accessories to match your uniform
  • Learn the right diet & exercise for your image maintenance
  • Understand the importance of weight management
  • Grace under pressure - handling stress
Topic 3: Skin Care & Make Up
  • Learn the easy steps for hygiene & daily skin care maintenance
  • Identify the tools to achieve an easy-to-apply professional make up
  • Practice tips & techniques of application & blending for a natural look
  • Choose a color make up palette that enhances their skin, eye & hair colour
  • Learn the easy touch up for your hair styling
Topic 4: Positive Body Language for Customer Service
  • Identify postures, gestures & habits that limit their power & learn ways to overcome them
  • Learn the way to poise, walk & talk in elegance & impeccable manners
  • Learn the professional ways to great & serve your customers
  • Words & manner to avoid at all times

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