Corporate Modules

Module 6: Social Etiquette (2 hours)

In this fun session you will practice correct dining etiquette & foods to avoid at a lunch or dinner meeting. In addition, you will receive techniques for effective networking, the rules of tipping & appropriate gift giving. This session aims to help you charm your way to the top. Besides, if you travel for business, you might want to be familiar with international cultures & etiquettes to win your customer’s heart, build rapport & build long term relationship.

Participants will learn:
  • Entertaining for social & business functions
  • Mastering basics for formal dining
  • Planning & entertaining as the host
  • Seating arrangement & protocol
  • Manners that matters as a guest
  • American & Continental styles of dining
  • Polishing up your food selections & become wine savvy to impress!
  • The Dos & Don’ts from before to after a meal
  • Learn appropriate gift giving
  • Learn appropriate rules for tipping

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