Corporate Modules

Module 5: Business Etiquette & Powerful Non-Verbal Communication (1 day)

In this session, you will distinguish the secrets of a powerful first impression, correct business etiquette for introductions, postures, gestures & habits that limit your power & how to build a co-operative environments with your clients. You will also identify non-productive non-verbal messages & practices, territorial behavior & effective orientation for meetings.

Participants will learn:
  • Distinguish 4 components for a powerful first impression
  • Follow correct business etiquette for introduction
  • Introducing the anchoring & mirroring NLP practice to build rapport
  • Identify postures, gestures & habits that limit their power & learn ways to overcome them
  • Learn the way to poise, walk & talk in elegance & impeccable manners
  • Making & monitoring conversation with tact & manners
  • Words & phrases to avoid at all times
  • Confirming & rejecting messages
  • Recognize & learn leadership skills to overcome dominating & controlling behaviors & power play
  • Creating cooperative environments
  • Identify territorial behavior & ways to deal with it
  • Use effective orientation for client, sales & business meetings
  • Identify counter-productive non-verbal messages & practices
  • Dynamics
  • Effective interaction
  • Listening skills
  • Selling ideas
  • Influencing others

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