Corporate Modules

Module 3: Corporate Make Over (½ day)

Apart from the above presentation, we are providing another ½ day practical session for grooming. Learn easy to use professional tips & techniques for a make up & hair do that enhances your features & gives you a youthful, current look. You will get to practice on how to get that polished, flawless make up & excellent hairstyling that you see on models & in professional make over shows on TV.

Participants will learn:
  • Learn the 10 easy steps to be camera ready
  • Understand the basic steps for personal grooming & maintenance
  • Identify your personal fragrance preference
  • Identify the tools to achieve an easy-to-apply professional make up
  • Practice tips & techniques of application & blending for a natural look
  • Choose a color make up palette that enhances your skin, eye & hair colour
  • Receive an individual hair styling, make over & consultation
  • Learn how to apply a daytime make up
  • Create an instant refresh & professional new look
  • Receive an individual image appraisal

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