Corporate Modules

Module 2: Power Image Branding (1 day)

Recognize the significance of your image as a component of your ‘self-brand’ & ‘corporate brand’. You will go through a unique & practical process that takes you from vision to action - overcoming any barriers that inhibit the current image you hold of yourself. At the end of this session, you will learn the importance of looking your very best which will enhance your self-image, poise, deportment, confidence level, social interaction & business skills. You will understand the effectiveness of looking good & enhance your presentation skills & eventually upgrade your sales target. Participants will learn:
  • Evaluate self-image, bring out their physical attributes
  • How to create your self-magnetism by using the law of attraction
  • Recognize the importance of your image as a component of company performance, service & teamwork
  • Evaluate the benefits of an excellent image for their lives & careers
  • Create a ‘Vision To Go’
  • Identify 4 levels of Business Casual (participants are requested to bring their clothes to be analyzed, samples will be shown as well)
  • Analyzing Color preference on individuals by introducing Universal Colour Theory
  • Body Line Analysis to determine the best cutting for each individual
  • Identify appropriate accessories to style up for different occasions (participants are required to bring some samples like shoes, belt, scarf, earrings or jewelry)
  • Stylish tudung/headscarf techniques
  • Personality Style Audit
  • Discover self-imposed roadblocks & how to overcome them to a top quality image
  • Master techniques for consistencies in professional appearance
  • Case study – ‘before’ & ‘after’ examples will be presented
  • Tips on classy styles & the latest trends

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