Corporate Image Training & Workshops

The image of your company conveyed through its staff is crucial to the success of your business or organisation. Image is also important because it has an overall effect on how we feel about ourselves.

Our workshops can enable your staff at all levels to make the most of their personal appearance - Dress well, communicate confidently and successfully sell.

Corporate Modules

Module 1: Personal Branding For Success (1 day)

1. Clarity
  • Clarify your corporate values & branding identity
  • How to congruent your corporate branding with your image projection
  • Create your branding slogan base on heart branding methodology
2. Character
  • Discover your strengths & attributes in life & work
  • How to build a specific characteristic for your branding
  • How to utilize your unique personality & imply it in your non-verbal communication
  • How to create a winning attitude to attract prospect
3. Credibility
  • How to enhance your credibility
  • Analyzing your branding tools
  • How to create a persuasive & convincing profile
  • Create a powerful elevator pitch for your presentation
4. Connection
  • Understand the power of networking
  • How to attract the right network, people & relationships by creating positive energy
  • Create positive relationships for business
  • Ways to create your story & branding by press media
  • How to build your brand through social media
  • Social media & tools to connect & follow up
  • Tips to enhance your brand using Facebook, Twitter & Blog
5. Charisma
  • What are the elements that contribute to Charm?
  • How to build a trustworthy image & manage it?
  • How to enhance your energy with colour?
  • How to use non-verbal communications to make a lasting impression?

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