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Lots of people wonder what the job of image consultant is. We can address ourselves an image doctor or an image transformer, stylist and the titles go on. The most important is we are making a difference on people’s APPEARANCE, BEHAVIOUR & COMMUNICATION.

If you love to help people look better, carry themselves in a more confident way, you surely have the potential of joining this industry and becoming an inspiring image consultant.

Today as the Rising Star Award Winner of AICI 2012 and my 10 years experiences, I am going to share 7 tips of how to become a well-known image consultant within your region!


1.       Join some business network to start off

Some people wonder how to get themselves known to public?  I would suggest that you can join some business network like BNI (Business Network International)to introduce yourself to the public. Besides there are some other groups like JCI, Rotary Club…...for you to network and carry out some social responsibilities as well. So no worries if you don’t have fans yet!


2.       Get your visibility on Social Media

Do make use of the current social media like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn if you want to grow your visibility. You can start to share your knowledge, what you do and gradually you will receive enquiries from your network. It’s about giving first, so don’t be stingy to give them some personal tips and at the end do invite them for your “preview talk”. I have recruited many Facebook friends who then became my clients or even my Train The Trainer graduates!


3.       Be consistent & systematic

If you treat this as your business instead of just a hobby, then you have to be dedicated and consistent in running your workshop regardless of the response. For example we have been running Brand New You workshop consistently almost every month for the past years since I have my one stop grooming boutique. I made it consistent unless it clashed with public holiday. This will encourage us to work very hard to maintain our income and also giving the public a good impression about our business.


4.       Partnership & Collaboration

I always believe in collaboration with the right partners. We are not superwoman or superman; there are always people with great network like the leaders of network marketing companies. They are fantastic people to work with and in return you do have to offer a good deal to have a win win situation. Please  respect people’s network and show your sincerity if you want to tap on people’s network. Perhaps you have to give back by buying their products and recommend them to your clients as well!


5.       GIVING first and receive later

When I started my consultancy years ago, I contributed a lot of free talk to some associations or groups invitation. Sometimes I will be going back empty handed but it boosts up my confidence and enriches my experiences. So do give FREE talk first when you start off, acquiring experiences is more important than anything and you will receive referrals in the future!


6.       Find your niche market

Some image consultant is groomed to train the corporate; some are more cater to the public or the youth group. I still remember my Image Guru, Lynn told me “It’s ok you provide your service to certain woman’s group but not corporate as long as you find your niche” Yep, every image consultant have their own branding and experience which appeal to different type of groups. It’s ok to start off with youth or women group instead of typical corporate. You have to target the group that buys your service first instead of targeting the group that is facing touch challenges. Build your profile before you can talk to the big brothers!


7.       Be Creative and fun

What keeps me going is not just the income and the glamour but how I can discover my potential to help different group from time to time. For example, I started with a lot of entrepreneur ladies and gradually moving to corporate.  At the same time, I found that I love to work with singles that are talented and looking for love. Then I started to create program for the SINGLES in town and have fun sharing with them. This extended my passion in image consulting and made my life more fulfilling as well!


What’s your dream? If you dream of transforming people from an ugly duckling to a beauty queen, do explore yourself in this industry.  It’s a rewarding industry, lots of satisfaction if you really fall in love with what you do and keep on moving up! There is no limitation and everyone needs image to get a better job, business and relationship. We create the WOW factor for them and create a difference in their life! Besides if you manage to get corporate client, your daily income is at least RM4,500 (HRDF claimable) . So you just have to work a couple of days depends on your needs and lifestyle arrangement 

Let us make your dream come true, check out our upcoming Train The Trainer Program (8 days certification & 2 years coaching) that has trained more than 70 people.   Some of them have become well known speakers in this industry such as Susan Law, Fiona Tahir, Mira Herissa, Joecess Lim, Wawa Idris, Karsun Koo,  Racheal Koh and many more. Some work with us as our associate consultants and some are applying them to transform their own lives.  What about you? Do share with us your dream and let me help you to fulfill your dreams!

Check out the video & testimonial on www.youtube.com/Emagestyle or www.emagestyle.com

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Youth Image & Etiquette Workshop

We are the role model of our kids. Whatever we do, kids will imitate and pick up quickly, same goes to our Dressing Style and Behaviour! 

If you think image is important for your kid's success, Please register them for this YOUTH IMAGE & ETIQUETTE workshop that can change their lives. Call now at 0123927848 for more details of our program curriculum.

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